Mediocrity and the glory of God

"Mediocrity is a heart problem. We have lost our commitment to the highest levels of excellence because we have lost our awe. Awe amnesia is the open door that permits mediocrity in ... "Awe of God inspires, motivates, and convicts. There is no replacement for such awe in the leadership of the church of Jesus … Continue reading Mediocrity and the glory of God

What happened to commonsense?

Prostitutes have the right to work from motel rooms in an Australian state, a court said after finding the owner's refusal to rent to a sex worker was discriminatory. The ruling in the northeastern state of Queensland has stunned hotel and motel owners, who thought they had a right to decide what sort of businesses … Continue reading What happened to commonsense?

Be careful how you listen (4)

Productive soil Receiving the Word with a noble and good heart Scripture Readings 2 Timothy 3:10-4:5 Luke 8:11-15 Hymns/Songs: "Lord of the Church" "More about Jesus" "Great is Thy faithfulness" "Send forth the Gospel" My dear brother and sister in the Lord, After three weeks of sermons on the first parable of Jesus, we may … Continue reading Be careful how you listen (4)