Hervey Bay Presbyterian Church

John Flynn

This year is the Centenary of the Australian Inland Mission, which continued partly its work as the Presbyterian Inland Mission after 1977.

The founder was the Rev. Dr. John Flynn.  He was a man with exceptional vision and drive.  But in everything he never wavered in his faith in Christ.  As this picture shows, the main driving force behind his pioneering missionary work in the vast inland of the Australia, mainly the “outback”, or the “furthest fences” (as he referred to it), was to tell about Jesus of Nazareth.

A coffee table format book, with lots of authentic photographs (some of which John Flynn himself produced), as well as photos by Steve Dyer of more recent patrols, and text describing the history of PIM, can be ordered from the PIM website.  This is a once in a lifetime publication – be sure to order your copy.  It is numbered and will be signed by the authors.


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