The Gracious Invitation to follow Jesus Christ

Discipleship Scripture Reading Luke 14 Introduction Dear friend in our Lord Jesus Christ, We have a tendency to think that the rich and the famous are in some ways better people to mix with.  Over the exit out of Wimbledon, boys and girls would wait with a large tennis balls or a printed program just … Continue reading The Gracious Invitation to follow Jesus Christ

Theosis versus Sanctification

Introduction A friend rang me up not so long ago.  He attended a worship service where the minister argued that the church should strive to attain theosis. This concept was new to both of us.  He asked me to not indulge in too deep and elaborated theological discussion.  He just wanted to know what theosis … Continue reading Theosis versus Sanctification

Life, Death, Heaven, Hell (4)

Hell Scripture Readings Luke 16:19-31 2 Thessalonians 1:3-12 Introduction My friends in Jesus Christ, in this short series “Life, Death, Heaven, Hell” we looked at the two markers in the life of every person on the face of this earth.  Everyone is born, and everyone will die - Life and Death.  During our earthly journey … Continue reading Life, Death, Heaven, Hell (4)

Life, Death, Heaven, Hell (3)

Heaven Scripture Readings John 14:1-7 Revelation 21:1-4, 22:1-5 Introduction Dear friends in the Lord Jesus Christ, In this short series we are looking at two major event markers in the life of every human being on the face of this planet:  life and death.  What is left of this series will look at one of … Continue reading Life, Death, Heaven, Hell (3)

Life, Death, Heaven, Hell (2)

Death, the wage of Sin Scripture Readings Romans 6:15-23 Genesis 3:1-19 Introduction Dear brothers and sister in the Lord, I bought snow peas this week.  I tried to grow it myself.  What is easier to push a few snow pea seeds into the ground, water it, and wait for it to come up, push out … Continue reading Life, Death, Heaven, Hell (2)

Life, Death, Heaven, Hell (1)

Life, a gift from God   Scripture Readings Psalm 139:1-24 Matthew 25:14-30 Introduction Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, Today is the first in four sermons, a series under the heading Life, Death, Heaven, Hell.  We can, of course, not cover everything about these major topics in the Bible, but my intention is to … Continue reading Life, Death, Heaven, Hell (1)