Youth Week!

Youth Week!

We announce our Youth Week for 17 to 20 January

Young people between 9-15 (roughly) are mostly welcome to join us for this event.

Don’t worry about the heat – it will all happen in our spacious our air-conditioned hall.

Starting at 9.30am and running through to 12noon, the activities will include games (like table tennis, board games, finger snooker, team activities) as well as fellow as short motivational videos and talks.

And don’t forget the refreshments!  Nice sandwiches, cookies, biscuits, cold drinks, etc.

Our site and buildings hold OH&S Safety accreditation, and all adults connected to the program hold Police checks and Working With Children Cards.

The activities and program itself are approved by the Child Safe policies of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland.

So, bring your child (parents/caregivers are responsible for the transport of their children) , fill out the registration form – and wallah – your child will enjoy the friendship of others in our district.

Costs:  free of charge

Contact:  Rudi Schwartz on 0419797246 for more details.IMG_0661




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