Report of the committee of Management

The year commenced with the anticipated arrival of our pastor Rev Rudi Schwartz and his wife Heila around Easter. In preparation, a working bee was held in March where gardens were tidied, trees trimmed, driveways cleaned for both the church and manse. The finishing touches to the new manse shed which included repositioning of the clothes line, extending the pathway and providing lighting and power to both sheds were completed. The final touch was the organisation of a food hamper, welcome gift.

During our vacancy in particular, and continuing, is the utilisation of our congregational talents in completing both the spiritual and functional aspects of our church. Much has been achieved through the generosity of
our congregation members’ time, talents and donations which is done for God’s glory.

The maintenance of the church property under the guidance of works coordinator Mr David Murray is constant as seen by the following list of tasks completed:

  • Manse hot water safety valve replaced;
  • replacement of tap washers;
  • church gates repositioned to manse;
  • two shelves added to cupboard in  men’s toilet;
  • new notice board with church times;
  • installed safety signs re skating etc.;
  • installation of manse dishwasher;
  • television mounted on church wall;water cooler installed;
  • repairs to  watering system;
  • sound system for church and hall
  • improved with new microphones,
  • cords, wiring and stands;
  • kitchen sink mixer replaced;
  • basket shelving for morning tea cups
  • stainless steel tea pots purchased; air conditioners serviced;
  • seats in front of the church and manse veranda repainted;
  • security light in rear entrance installed;
  • external security cameras installed; • two wheelie bins replaced;
  • termite and pest inspection and treatment for church and manse;
  • front pergola area water pressure cleaned;
  • roof mould and fungi treated;
  • hazard marking repainted;
  • toilet cistern repaired;
  • organ maintenance completed;
  • mowing of lawns and gardening.

The committee members have completed the training needed so that we comply with Child Safe standards. Workplace Health and Safety requirements are met through internal audits and regular testing of fire extinguishers, earth leakage units, checking of first aid kits, maintaining key registers and policy documentation, providing information on evacuation procedures and ensuring the church environment is safe. If a member of the congregation should notice anything unsafe, needing repair or are involved in an accident, a member of the committee should be notified and the WH&S officer will organise to have any documentation of repairs completed.

The committee wishes to thank those who have provided and served the delicious morning teas throughout the year.

The committee has also arranged for pew pamphlets and feedback cards, advertised our church services in the Local Sites Magazine and organised a garage sale with the proceeds being used to support missions. The committee has committed to supporting the Stewart family financially and prayerfully on an ongoing basis. We as a congregation, tithe our income to missions.

The committee of management wishes to thank all who contribute, whether in your time , use of talents, donations or regular freewill tithing, which allows us to fulfil our mission in presenting the gospel to those who have not heard, as well as the feeding of HIS sheep. Finally, we are grateful for the leadership Pastor Rudi has provided our committee with the support of Heila, but more importantly in the way the Lord has enabled him to feed us spiritually.

 We are thankful for the generous donation of a Data Projector and Table Tennis Set.

We thank the faithful cleaning team who looked after the church buildings during the last year.

Many thanks go to Mr Buddy Lachlan who served loyally at the sound desk for many years. A word of special thanks go to Miss Audrey Hanna who is standing in at the sound desk.

The Committee was made up of:

Mr David Murray,
Mr Rod Schulz (Secretary)
Mr Kevin Shellard,
Mrs Jenny Pivac
Mrs Dianne Hebblewhite
Mr Bill Moffat
Mrs Shirley McCulloch
The elders are ex officio members. Elder Bob Chopping is the Treasurer.

Rod Schulz


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