The rainbow banner!!

Visitors to our site would have noticed the rainbow banner over the top of the page.  We have not placed it there!

I contacted WordPress (who provides the electronic infrastructure for our webpages) with this request:

Please remove the rainbow banner over the top of my page. Or what can I do to get rid of it?

The response I receive was:

Australia will be holding a national survey on marriage equality over the next two months. To show our support for marriage equality, we’re showing the rainbow bar to all our Australian visitors. You can read more about the marriage equality campaign here:

We cannot remove this banner for individual sites. We understand it looks a bit different to what you’re used to, but it’s here for everyone. We absolutely respect your right to publish the content you choose to your site, but the navigation bar styling reflects’s brand.

In response I wrote:

You might also appreciate my dissatisfaction with your reply.  The fact that you support marriage equality is one thing;  but to coerce others to advertise your choice against their conscience is lamentable.  If WordPress placed any value on other opinions, they would at least have given a choice to customers.  The disregard of WordPress for the opinions and beliefs of customers reflects the spirit of our time:  we need to be tolerant, but only in as far as we all agree on one opinion; all other opinions are regarded as invaluable.
You must understand the unacceptable position I find myself in to run a website which honours the traditional view of marriage, while a rainbow banner advertises quite to opposite—a matter in which I have no choice.
If there was at least a possibility to opt out, continuing to use your services would not place a burden on my conscience;  but that I am bound by your point of view would weigh upon my mind if I should continue using your services.
I am using the same freedom you assumed to point me to the marriage equality campaign propaganda (and I assume you expected me to read it!— as if I have not already read so much about it) to point you to what I strongly believe in about marriage — also with the expectation that you would read it.

We apologise in case any visitors to our site found themselves confused.  We still stand by our conviction to uphold the traditional view of marriage, as found within the infallible Scriptures.


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