Biblical eldership (3) “Who?”

Bible Readings Exodus 18:13-23; 1Timothy 3:1-7 Introduction My dear brothers and sisters, family in Christ, For some reason, I love the “Air Crash Investigation” programs.  About all episodes begin with a simulation of the crash.  The pilot is barking out commands to his off-sider, the sirens are loud, in the background, there is this annoying … Continue reading Biblical eldership (3) “Who?”

Biblical Eldership (2) “What”

Bible Readings Psalm 23 Acts 20:17-31 Introduction Dear friends in Christ, Lord willing, in the near future, the congregation will elect elders. Last week we learned from the Scripture “why” the congregation of God needs elders.  There are mainly two reasons.   The first reason is that Christians, however living under the grace of God, … Continue reading Biblical Eldership (2) “What”

Biblical Eldership (1) – “Why?”

Bible Readings Deuteronomy 1:9-18 Numbers 11:10-30 Introduction Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ,  We will have eldership election in the near future. We have already announced this to you.  But before we get to the actual meeting to elect elders, we will listen to what the Scriptures teach about eldership. There will be … Continue reading Biblical Eldership (1) – “Why?”

Perfect knowledge, perfect joy, perfect peace

Scripture readings Ezekiel 36:24-29 John 16:12-33 Introduction Herman Lange, a German Christian was to be executed by the Nazis during WWII. In his cell on the night, before he was to be killed, Lange wrote a note about two feelings which occupied his mind: "I am, first, in a joyous mood, and second filled with … Continue reading Perfect knowledge, perfect joy, perfect peace