Gay, but happily married

Being faithful to the Word of God, one has to set aside personal opinions to obediently listen to God speaking authoritatively. God defines holiness, and He defines sin.  In doing so He has the right to free from sin, and the right to condemn sin.  He had no obligation to do anything about sin, but … Continue reading Gay, but happily married

Terror in South Sudan

Genocide Planned for the Nuba Al-Jazeera television has broadcast footage of the governor of South Kordofan, the indicted war criminal Ahmed Harun, addressing his soldiers before being deployed to the Nuba Mountains: "You must hand over the place clean... swept, rubbed, crushed. Don't bring them back alive! We have no space for them!" The broadcast … Continue reading Terror in South Sudan

It’s not a game, its the Church of Christ

(Sermon preached by Rev Rudi Schwartz on Sunday 10th June 2012) Bible readings: Exodus 35:30 - 36:7 Ephesians 4:1-16 Songs: "Praise Him, praise Him" "Majesty" "Lord speak to me" "We heard a joyful sound" "May God's blessing" Introduction My dear friends in Jesus Christ, our Lord, I remember my mother’s lounge room. There was nothing … Continue reading It’s not a game, its the Church of Christ

Imperishable new life

The seed of God’s word is imperishable, and therefore, the life that it generates and sustains is imperishable. The blood of Christ is of infinite value, and therefore, its value never runs out. It is an imperishable value. That is how we are ransomed. That’s the price of the new life we receive in the … Continue reading Imperishable new life

Love for the world

God’s love for the world is commendable because it manifests itself in awesome self-sacrifice; our love for the world is repulsive when it lusts for evil participation. God’s love for the world is praiseworthy because it brings the transforming Gospel to it; our love for the world is ugly because we seek to be conformed … Continue reading Love for the world

Abortion as “birth control”

"... news hit the British press last month that as many as 34 per cent of abortions committed in the UK were on women who had already undergone at least one abortion in the past. Newspapers blared that the National Health Service had spent as much as £1 million in 2010 on repeat abortions, and … Continue reading Abortion as “birth control”