Christ’s resurrection, our resurrection

The story was told of the old man who lived in the back blocks in times gone by.  No electricity, radio or TV.  No telephone, no newspapers, and hardly any visiting neighbours. The old man became sick.  He charged the battery of his barely operating and rusted old truck and drove into town to see … Continue reading Christ’s resurrection, our resurrection

Sober up your minds to healthy thinking

Resurrection Our  school days  started early in the morning.  It meant that we were home for lunch, which usually was the main meal for the day.  Mom prepared a fully-cooked meal with meat and vegetables.  I didn’t mind the meat part, but the veggies consisted out of what was available out of Dad’s garden, and without … Continue reading Sober up your minds to healthy thinking

Death through the man Adam; life through Christ, the King

There is one thing I can remember as a child:  Dad would be away, leaving us home with mom.  It was not that we did not take mom seriously or respected her less, but being home with her alone was different.  If we did wrong or were disobedient, she would just take the wet tea … Continue reading Death through the man Adam; life through Christ, the King

The story of Jesus and his glory

The congregation in Corinth was in many respects a problem church.  It caused a lot of pain and heart-ache for the apostle. Paul went to Corinth in A.D. 51 after a very unfruitful evangelistic effort at Athens. Corinth was a seaman’s paradise and a moral cesspool. Divorce was rampant. Prostitution plagued the streets, and the … Continue reading The story of Jesus and his glory

The risen Christ of the Scriptures

Introduction I had the privilege of knowing an godly elderly couple whom I visited on a regular basis.  The old man’s health failed and soon after that he died.  I buried him. Some time after this, Heila’s grandmother was admitted into a nursing home, where she shared a room with someone else.  This person just … Continue reading The risen Christ of the Scriptures

The Atheist’s Dilemma

Read the story of Jordan Monge.  In her own words: So I plunged headlong into apologetics, devouring debates and books from many perspectives. I read the Qur'an and Richard Dawkins's The God Delusion. I went through The Skeptic's Annotated Bible and looked up Christian rebuttals to apparent contradictions. But nothing compared to the rich tradition … Continue reading The Atheist’s Dilemma