J.C. Ryle: Holiness

What J.C. Ryle wrote towards the end of the 19th century is still applicable - and more so for the church of today.

Coptic Christians under attack in Egypt

EGYPT: As the Arab Spring gives way to a bitter Christian Winter. The Sharia based constitution passed by the Muslim Brotherhood dominated parliament of Egypt have encouraged a resurgence of Islamic extremism and open hostility towards the large Christian minority in Egypt. Many historic churches in Egypt have been stormed, stoned, burned and demolished by … Continue reading Coptic Christians under attack in Egypt

Living by faith (4)

Joseph Scripture Readings Genesis 50:15-26 Hebrews 11:13-22 Hymns: Praise my soul the King of heaven How deep the Father’s love for us To God be the glory There is a hope Introduction My dear friends in the Lord Jesus Christ, There is a risk in taking one chapter in the Bible and preach a series … Continue reading Living by faith (4)