A Prayer for inner strength and spiritual ability

Read Ephesians 2:19 - 3:1-21 Let’s take it step-by-step The house of the Triune God God, the Father:  People in this household are called citizens and members of God’s household (Ehp 2:19) Jesus Christ:  He is the chief Cornerstone  - in Him the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple … Continue reading A Prayer for inner strength and spiritual ability

Restoring the walls together

There once was a denomination with hundreds of congregations, ministers, and elders.  More than five million Christians called this denomination “my church”.  Generation of generation was born, baptised and married there and once again had their children baptised. For more than 300 years this strong Reformed church was a beacon for other denominations holding to … Continue reading Restoring the walls together

The Holy Spirit and his gifts

One of the major differences between the church of Jesus Christ - the church as an institution and body - is that the church never has to work out its mission, its function, or its strategies to keep people interested.  All of what the church is, what its mission is, how it should plan and … Continue reading The Holy Spirit and his gifts

Why is Communion necessary?

There is with some Christians the idea that the sacraments are not important.  Some parents would withhold the sacrament of baptism from their children for reasons pure human and not in accordance with the Word of God. Communion Sundays come and go and some church members would not regard the sacrament important to set aside … Continue reading Why is Communion necessary?

The Holy Spirit, our Helper

Enabled to be Christ’s Church Wind the clock back to this situation:  Your’e back at school after being away on a enjoyable holiday.  It is the beginning of athletics season, so a big chunk of the day goes into preparation on the sport fields. You notice that, after all the good things of the school … Continue reading The Holy Spirit, our Helper

Be Wise (2)

Mind your wife (or your mother) Scripture Readings Ephesians 5:22-32 Proverbs 31:10-31 Introduction They say it's Mother’s day, and we need a day like this.  But for the church Christ every Sunday is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ.  Every sermon should be about Him and his work of salvation.  Every worship service should … Continue reading Be Wise (2)

The life-changing power of God’s Word

Reformation 2014 Scripture Readings Psalm 19 1 Peter 1:13-25 Introduction Us who grew up in modern times will find it hard to imagine life without electricity:  no running water in our homes, no fridges, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, TV’s, computers, air-conditioners … How annoying is it to have only one powerpoint in a room of … Continue reading The life-changing power of God’s Word

Abraham, the Father of all Believers (9)

See, I make everything new Scripture Readings Romans 4:16-25 Genesis 17:1-19 Introduction When I went to high school I met a giant.  He was in year eleven and stood six foot and 10 inches tall in his shoes.  When he finished school at the age of eighteen, he was a full seven foot tall.  In … Continue reading Abraham, the Father of all Believers (9)