Prosperity Theology – Biblical theology?

Joel Osteen: (in, "Become a better you") "He [God] wants us to have a little heaven on earth, right where we are ... You can accomplish your dries before you go to heaven!  How can you do that?  By tapping into God's power inside of you... If you don't appreciate and take advantage  of your freedom, … Continue reading Prosperity Theology – Biblical theology?

Good news!

"For [Joel] Osteen, the good news is that on judgment day God will look at our heart.  According to the Scriptures, that is actually bad news.  The good news is that for all who are in Christ, God looks at the heart, life, death, and resurrection of his Son and declares us righteous in Him. … Continue reading Good news!

Only Jesus Christ – no if’s, no but’s (3)

Series Title:  "Growing in the knowledge of Jesus Christ" Scripture Reading Colossians 2:13-23 Introduction The story was told about a city which was hit by a phenomenal disaster on a Saturday afternoon.  Hardly any piece of infrastructure was left standing, and many people lost their homes and possessions.  One of the pastors of the city … Continue reading Only Jesus Christ – no if’s, no but’s (3)