Obedience and reward

Bible Readings Luke 8:16-18, Joshua 14:6-15   Introduction My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, For some reason not known to me, I sometimes forget to type the word “not” in a sentence where it is needed.  To compound the problem, even proof-reading my now work does not help; I just mentally add “not” … Continue reading Obedience and reward

Caleb – He trusted God all the way

Lessons from Joshua Scripture Readings Numbers 13:26-14:9 Joshua 14:6-15 Introduction Dear brother and sister in the Lord Jesus Christ, As most of you know by now, I served for some time as padre in the Presbyterian Inland Mission.  When working in the area of Wedderburn and Charlton in Victoria, someone asked me if I had … Continue reading Caleb – He trusted God all the way