Advent: The Long Road to Bethlehem (1)

Bible Readings Luke 1:26-38 Judges 13:1-24 Introduction In Stay of Execution, Stewart Alsop, an apathetic Christian, discussed what it was like to live with incurable leukaemia.  There was a period in which the disease was temporarily arrested. During this time, he discussed some variables with his physician. Finally, Alsop said, “There is one variable you … Continue reading Advent: The Long Road to Bethlehem (1)

From hurtful mockery to joyful hope

Bible Reading 1 Samuel 1:1-20 Intercessory Prayer (based on Psalm 94) Loving Heavenly Father, You are holy and just, and You deal rightly with those who oppose You. You hate the arrogant, who stands up against You as Sovereign Lord. As we worship You now, the scenes of wicked men who terrorise your church and … Continue reading From hurtful mockery to joyful hope

Man-made Religion

Bible Readings 2Timothy 4:1-5 Judges 17:1-13 Introduction My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, we are commencing a new sermon series today under the topic “The king is dead; long live the King!” This phrase was first declared when Charles VII ascended to the French throne after the death of his father Charles VI … Continue reading Man-made Religion