Public promises make a marriage

"Public promises make a marriage. Marriages are founded on promises of lifelong, exclusive bonding. Provided that the promises commit both man and woman in good times and in bad 'till death do us part', and that both intend to relate only to each other, the promises are effective in creating the marriage. Husband and wife … Continue reading Public promises make a marriage

Marriage: It’s God’s business

R.C. Sproul writes:  Since God instituted marriage, he has the authority to regulate it. You don’t have to be a Christian to affirm this. For millennia, even the irreligious have grasped what God says in nature—that marriage unites man and woman. Yet God’s sovereignty over marriage is being abandoned. I’m sure you’ve also been troubled to … Continue reading Marriage: It’s God’s business

Real Science versus Social Engineering

Studying Sociology and Psychology in the days gone by was something else.  Science was about facts that "are", not things you "wanted it to be".  I suppose there are many contemporary scientists - the biggest proportion of them - still adhering to this principle. My Psychology professor, a scholar who published far and wide, and … Continue reading Real Science versus Social Engineering