Advent: The Long Road to Bethlehem (4)

Scripture Readings Hebrews 2:10-18; Judges 16:1-7, 23-31 Introduction Han van Meegeren painted a work in the style of the great Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer and titled it “The Supper at Emmaus”, fooling the critics who thought it was a lost masterpiece of Johannes Vermeer. The painting was sold for millions of dollars, and displayed in the Boijmans … Continue reading Advent: The Long Road to Bethlehem (4)

The prostitute mother and father

There are millions of children growing up without knowing who their fathers are.  Hundreds of thousands would not know that they might have siblings. They were born because their mothers took money to have them. They took money from tax payers, dished out by the government, to pay thousands of dollars for every baby born … Continue reading The prostitute mother and father

New words for old sins

It is interesting to hear new words everyday.  It is even more interesting to see how people can hide behind “political correctness” (whatever this word might really mean!) to use new words to describe old sins. It just sounds better with a bit of spin. If we have to believe the contributor to Wikipedia under … Continue reading New words for old sins