The truth versus Innocent Blood

Bible Readings Jeremiah 26:1-15; Matthew 24:1-14 Introduction Dear family of God, The house opposite to the manse is for sale.  A group of interested buyers to have a look.  On their way back to the car, one remarked, “Look, you would live close to the Presbyterian Church; you could start attending church!”  With disgust, the … Continue reading The truth versus Innocent Blood

Life, Death, Heaven, Hell (2)

Death, the wage of Sin Scripture Readings Romans 6:15-23 Genesis 3:1-19 Introduction Dear brothers and sister in the Lord, I bought snow peas this week.  I tried to grow it myself.  What is easier to push a few snow pea seeds into the ground, water it, and wait for it to come up, push out … Continue reading Life, Death, Heaven, Hell (2)