Public promises make a marriage

"Public promises make a marriage. Marriages are founded on promises of lifelong, exclusive bonding. Provided that the promises commit both man and woman in good times and in bad 'till death do us part', and that both intend to relate only to each other, the promises are effective in creating the marriage. Husband and wife … Continue reading Public promises make a marriage

Genetically engineered babies a moral obligation?

Genetically engineering 'ethical' babies is a moral obligation, says Oxford professor Professor Julian Savulescu said: "So where genetic selection aims to bring out a trait that clearly benefits an individual and society, we should allow parents the choice. "To do otherwise is to consign those who come after us to the ball and chain of … Continue reading Genetically engineered babies a moral obligation?

An 11-year-old Christian girl arrested

An 11-year-old Christian girl, suffering from Down’s Syndrome, was arrested on Saturday on blasphemy charges, after being accused of burning passages of the Holy Quran. Rifta Masih was jailed by the police in Mehrabadi village, near Islamabad, after being severely beaten up by locals, for allegedly burning 10 pages of the Noorani Qaida. On the … Continue reading An 11-year-old Christian girl arrested

Death can no longer surprise us

"In recent years we have become increasingly familiar with the thought of death. We ourselves are surprised by the composure with which we accept the news of the death of our contemporaries. "We can no longer hate Death so much; we have discovered something of kindness in his features and are almost reconciled to him. … Continue reading Death can no longer surprise us