Christ’s resurrection, our resurrection

The story was told of the old man who lived in the back blocks in times gone by.  No electricity, radio or TV.  No telephone, no newspapers, and hardly any visiting neighbours. The old man became sick.  He charged the battery of his barely operating and rusted old truck and drove into town to see … Continue reading Christ’s resurrection, our resurrection

Covenant Baptism

Broadly speaking, there are two main views on baptism: Covenant Baptism (some may call it paedobaptism, because it implies that infants of together with their covenant parents should be baptised).  The mode of baptism is sprinkling of water. Believers Baptism (some call it credo-baptism, because only those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as … Continue reading Covenant Baptism

Obedience to Christ through love brings joy and fruit

So that you may believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah the Son of God Scripture Readings Micah 6:6-8 John 15:9-17 Introduction When God created the world in the beginning, He created everything, and yet, He also created mankind to be under-creators:  God appointed them to be fruitful and fill the earth and subdue it.  … Continue reading Obedience to Christ through love brings joy and fruit

A Matter of Death and Life

(c) Dr R.C. Sproul, Jr We live in strange times. It used to be said that the only two things we could be certain of were death and taxes. You still can be pretty sure of taxes, but death recently has become rather more cloudy. With the advent of assorted technological wonders in the field … Continue reading A Matter of Death and Life