Interview with Henry Luke Orombi

"We in Africa and in Uganda in particular look to the West for the gospel because they brought the gospel to us. And when the gospel was opened to us, we looked at what God is saying to us through the Scriptures. We embraced it, we loved it, we proclaimed it. Eventually the West began … Continue reading Interview with Henry Luke Orombi

The King who would destroy death, now anointed and glorified

That you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God Scripture Readings Psalm 118:22-29 John 12:1-19 Introduction We continue our series of sermons following the Gospel of John. We follow the theme of life and death, as we follow our Saviour, from closely before He was arrested, to the end of his … Continue reading The King who would destroy death, now anointed and glorified

Worn out by worry

Worry is a common temptation for all of us. The source of the anxiety might vary from person to person, but no one is completely immune. For some, it’s even a favorite pastime, occupying large portions of their days by troubling over their doubts and fears about the future. Obsessing over those doubts and fears … Continue reading Worn out by worry