what to expect at church

What time is the Service?

The formal part of the service begins at 9:30am.  Its good to get there 10 minutes early. Have a chat with new friends, or listen to the music. Unless its Christmas or Good Friday. Set the alarm early because church starts at 7:30am on these mornings.

What happens during Church

We are church that loves being in the presence of God as a body.  Furthermore, we believe that as a body we are to be continually renewed by God through His Spirit.  So as a church, we pray a lot, we also sing songs to God, and we love God revealing himself to us through his Word, so we have a sermon too, which allows God to speak to us directly.

How do I get there?

We are at 5 Denmans Camp Rd, Scarness.  If your driving up The Esplanade, we are 100m from the beach intersection.  There is plenty of parking across from the bowls club.

What happens after the formal part of the service?

After the final song, the church gathers in the hall and around the church for a cuppa and a chat. We love catching up with friends, but also we love meeting new people too and welcoming them into our church community.

Is there a dress Code?

 No. God is interested in your heart, not your wardrobe.

Will I be singled out if I’m new?

 Not at all.  Someone will say hello at the door.  And because we like meeting new people, some of us might introduce ourselves and say gday.  We’ll try not to be awkward. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible,

What if I don’t know anything about God?

   Great! We would love you to come and discover more about Him. We’ll do our best to make you feel comfortable, explain what’s going on, and we’ll try to avoid using religious jargon. Nothing is as important as having a right relationship with God, and we want to help you figure out how that is possible through Jesus.

What about Kids?

 Check out our Kids and Youth page